API Pvt. Ltd. has shaken its hand with different companies to grown and provide top notch services in electrification services under the direction of our Directors. Our electrification services are ideal in the electrical field of high tension and low tension over headlines. We have a team of professionals who follow various industrial standards while rendering these services. They are well versed with the advanced technology and sophisticated machines, which enable them to provide our clients with the prompt and reliable services.

We have been providing these services with maintenance & repair in local authority as a contractor and sub-contractor.

Arvizon Power Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent name as a manufacturer and supplier of Electrical hardware items like V-shaped cross arm, Tee-off channels, Transformer mounting structures, Cross bracing angles, Mounting channel for dropper fuse set double/single pole, Top Channel, E-Bracket, F-Bracket, Transformer holding channel, Guarding cross arm and their clamps for holding these structure in U.P and Northern India.. These structures are designed and manufactured from high grade raw material steel section conforming to IS-2062, welded and painted as per relevant specification with clamps for 11KV & 33KV over head power line. Hot Dip Galvanized generally conforming to IS 2633/72. These electrical structures and their clamps are available in different specification and are in high demand among our clients.


Electronic Weight Machine
Vernier Caliper
Measuring tapes
Micro gauge
Micro meter
DFT meter
Liquid Penetrate kit
Ball Intender hardness machine
Electromagnetic NDT yoke machine


1 Mechanical Power Press “C” type, heavy duty 65 MT 1 Hole Punching/Bending 
2 Mechanical Power Press “C” type, heavy Duty 50 MT 2 Hole Punching/Bending
3 Mechanical Power Press “C” type 40 MT 2 Hole Punching/Bending
4 5 in 1  Cutting Machine  ------ 2 For material cutting
5 Pedestal Drill  ----- 4 Hole Drilling
6 Chop Saw Machine, Heavy duty ----- 6 Material Cutting
7 Portable Hand Drill ----- 4 Hole Drilling
8 Surface Grinder 600 mm 1 Tooling
9 Lathe Machine, Heavy Duty  6 FT  1 Tooling
10 Double Disc Bench Grinder ----- 2 Tooling
11 Portable Hand Grinder ----- 4 Edge, Surface grinding
12 Shielded metal arc welding ----- 4 Arc welding
13 Mig Welding 400 amp 1 Mig Welding
14 Gas Welding/Cutting Set ---- 3 Welding/Cutting
15 Weight Machine 500 KG 1 For material weight
16 Die & Tools Tackles ---- LOT Tooling


Raw Material All Incoming raw material reviewed  for supporting  manufacture’s  test certificate
Cropping First piece of every material is checked by supervisor and subsequently every  50th piece is checked by the supervisor.  Reflected material, if any is cropped into small pieces for scrap. 
Punching First piece of every  member is checked by the supervisor to ensure accuracy of  edge security and hole to hole distance. 
Edge security & hole to hole distance First piece of every  member is checked by the supervisor to ensure accuracy of  edge security and hole to hole distance. 
Grinding Punched material to be checked and grinding to be done for surface finish. If required 
Bending Cold Bending